Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Just Say F!#% It!

Frustration and disappointment will come sometimes. Sometimes you may feel treated unfairly. You may have not gotten that job you interviewed for. Maybe you didn't get accepted into your top choice of schools you applied to. Maybe you didn't get that promotion you believe you deserve but someone else you believe is less deserving did. Whatever the case may be just say "F*%# It!" and keep it moving. You know what you worth is and what you deserve. Just saying "F@#% It" has gotten me through disappointment so many times. Maybe that job just can't see how much your worth. Maybe that college will regret not sending you that acceptance letter in the future. Maybe you'll become your own boss and give yourself a promotion. But for now, take back your power from that source of disappointment by just saying "F#%! It" because you are deserving of way more than whatever your source of disappointment can offer you.

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