Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Human Movement System

Our bodies are like a tower of jenga blocks. Remove one block and the structure becomes weaker and weaker. This is the same with our bodies. If one part of the Human Movement System is weak or injured it opens the door for other possible injuries. For example, if someone has a knee injury, if not corrected that knee injury can potentially cause lower back pains or LBP. This is why it's important to train the the HMS, not just to improve body composition or weight loss but to ensure that your body functions properly and reduce the risk of injury. Training, using functional movements like push-ups, squats, pull-ups or weight lifting, three days a week can help to improve the function of the HMS.

HMS Workout:

Push-ups 10x3
Squats 15x3
Lunges 15x3 each side
Plank 30s x 3
Barbell Bench Press 10x3
Barbell Squat 10x3

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