Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cold Training

For the past week I've been involved in cold training which consisted of simply taking one cold shower each night. The first day I started off with a warm shower then turned the nob to cold. I must admit the first few days it was a shock to my body. I began to get a little dizzy as my body attempted to regulate my core temperature. Tonight I decided to go cold turkey (no pun intended) and jump in the shower with the nob all the way to cold. It was a shock to my body but I adapted quicker than I did when I started with the warm shower. I have not yet noticed any physiological different since I've started cold training however there is a phycological one. I am definitely feeling stronger as if my body is able to take on more stress. Hopefully as I continue and stay consistent I will grow to see more changes in my mind and body.


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