Tuesday, April 4, 2017

3 Ways My Relationship Has Helped Me Grow More Muscle

Ever since my fiancé and I moved in together I've noticed some major gains in muscle mass. Here are three reason why I've been getting bigger while I've been in a relationship.

1. I'm Sleeping More. 

Sleep is necessary in order for proper muscle recovery to occur. Since I've been with my fiancé I have been sleeping 6-8 hours every night. Why, you may ask. Because she makes me!! I sleep when she sleeps now instead of staying up late nights on Netflix or whatever else I was doing before this relationship.

2. I Eat more.

Now that I'm in a relationship I eat much more. Protein and carbs are an essential nutrient when it comes to muscle growth. Protein is the building block for muscles and carbs give you the energy you need to train hard. My fiance and I love to travel and go to happy hours. We are so busy with work that whenever we get a moment to enjoy ourselves we take it. So a lot of times we will go and eat out just to get away. We also split the cost of groceries. When I was by myself I was frugal and didn't spend money on eating out. Now I have a partner to share finances with so I am not as concerned with money. Don't get me wrong, we still save but now we can enjoy that finer things in life. 

3. I Have a Lifetime Training Partner 

Before my relationship I could not train as hard as I wanted to. Now that I have a partner I have someone to spot me in and outside of the gym. My fiance and I train together and eat together. We are each others support system. We keep each other accountable. This makes it hard for either one of us to get off track with our training and eating regimen.

Now, I'm not telling you to go out there and jump into a relationship with the first person you see. I am saying that when you find the right person they will support you and help me make the gains in life that you wish to make. 


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